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Having a Good Eye In Photography

Here’s a short story sent by one of our regular readers.

Sometimes things just work out that way. The world just arranges itself and all the cards fall in the right way. For Amanda Elliot, it was total serendipity that set her on the path which became her passion and her life’s work.

The event which was the catalyst was the wedding of her youngest aunt. The age gap between the two Amanda and the aunt was only ten years. Amanda was in the last year at high school when the wedding took place.

At the time there were no digital cameras, and there were no cell phones either. There were no video cameras and definitely no drones shooting overhead pictures of the happy couple. This was the day of film and processing and it taking a day or two before any photos could come back from the photographer, un-photoshopped.


The wedding photographer was a perfectly amiable guy, he had enough about him to organize the groups without being too bossy, and the required photographs took place while the rest of the wedding party sipped champagne and talked about how lovely it all was. He caught the speeches, one of which Amanda’s aunt gave herself. He photographed the first dances and cutting the cake.

Amanda didn’t exactly follow him around, she was more interested in catching the shots that he was catching but from a slightly different angle. She didn’t have the camera he had either, just a point and click which only just about had a flash. She used her position as a guest to take a slightly different view of the proceedings. She got pictures of the bride’s dad roaring with laughter, and the littlest bridesmaid looking bored.

The wedding party didn’t hear anything from the photographer for a few weeks and Amanda’s aunt decided to track him down. She called the business only to get no response. She called a number of times over the next few days, never to get an answer, and so eventually went around to see him only to find the business gone and no sign of the photographer. Making it worse there was no sign of the photographs.


It was about this time that Amanda’s photographs came back from the developers. She had taken all her photographs with black and white film. Color was too expensive for her teenage budget but what she had taken were not snaps. There was composition; there was a story other than a bunch of people at a wedding. These were the only good quality pictures of the wedding, in fact so good that even Amanda was surprised. There were orders for more from the guests and compliments from everyone.

From then she didn’t look back. She took photography at university where she truly learned her craft and paid for much of her schooling by working as an assistant to a wedding photographer. Now she thinks she has photographed more than 3,000 weddings and carries a picture from the very first one in her portfolio.

The message from this story was to show just how popular Photography is becoming (both as a business and hobby). If you think you have what it takes and you’d like to join a growing, successful team, why not send us a message?