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Useful Tips for Aspiring Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography can be a rewarding and fun career. Due to the individual nature of weddings, there is always something new and interesting to experience. The happy couples they capture on film during their most tender moments will remember their photographer for a lifetime and will share that experience publicly.

Branding Your Portfolio

Every wedding is unique and deserves to be treated as such. The stars of the show, the bride and groom, will most definitely have opinions about how they want to remember their big day in pictures. After all, they will be reflecting on the memories for years to come. They will be looking for a photographer that can make their wedding fantasy become reality.

Photographers who have diverse portfolios that clearly stand out as unique to themselves while presenting the occasion as a once in a lifetime event. Presentation of not only human subjects, but important accessories like the veil, rings, cake, and location should be something that catches the viewer’s eye and evokes a pleasant emotional response is vital to a strong portfolio.

Know the Location

The setting of a wedding is as much of a player in the overall success of a wedding as the people in it. Visit the site, and plan shots based on lighting, space and wedding party size. The couple will have a general idea of what wedding photos they absolutely must have, but most will be looking for artistic individuality from the photographer.

Having a list of standard shots and specific shots requested by them is a good idea because it clearly lays out the responsibilities of the photographer and the expectations of the couple. As the date draws near, this list should be refined, resulting in a clear and defined photo package that both photographer and the couple are happy with.

Preparation and Set up

The clients may wish to have the preparations for the ceremony documented, and the hours the photographer bills to include this should be discussed and agreed upon before the clients sign the contract. Open communications between the photographer and the happy couple will make or break a contract. Poorly negotiated details could end up in dissatisfied customers, which hurts business.


Making sure that all the props, people, and scenery are preserved in an individual manner enables the photographer to express themselves while accommodating for the tastes of the clients. Discuss beforehand what these subjects mean to them. Personalization makes each event unique to each individual couple.

Stay True to Yourself

If just anyone could capture the perfect wedding photo, there would be no need to hire a professional. Photographic skills aren’t the only things being purchased by the client, the photographer’s personality is as well. A friendly and enthusiastic shutterbug will attract more customers than one who intimidates the wedding party.

Word of mouth will always be the best form of advertising, and best of all it is free. That being said, don’t discount the idea of taking out a loan or exploring opportunities from financial firms like Sambla.

At the end of the day, it boils down to a few basics. A friendly, professional manner increases positive feedback, and a prepared, energetic, enthusiastic photographer is always in demand. That’s all you really need to thrive.